“Checkpoint Charlie”

Day 21: Berlin

Very diverse place, Berlin. One street, there’s a wide selection of Turkish shops and schawarma, the next, the quiet sounds of gentrification and cafes (which, compared to Melbourne, still have a way to go). Around the corner, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stumbled into a German village (thanks to Luis for the walkabout).

One can tell this photo is of the American Sector, because there is a McDonald’s.

“West Side Story”

Day 20: Berlin

My walking tour guide today was a former history teacher from London. He very much sounded like one. We were asked to “think about what this monument means”, and were told a lot about “symbolism”. 2nd or 3rd best walking tour of the trip.

Also went to a Tajikistani tea place. Would recommend.

I don’t know much German, but I think pictured is the Berlin Concert House.

“Hello, Goodbye”

Day 19: Berlin

After an early flight from Iceland, I’m once again in Germany. Which means, one more meeting with my erstwhile travelling partners, Kristian and Lara. I’ve one more week to go, while their travel concludes here in Berlin.

Thanks for joining me on this trip across the continent so far. Happy Birthday Kristian!

(shoutouts to OK Google for taking this photo)

“A Farewell to Reykjavik”

Day 18: Iceland

Current location: Keflavik Airport, Gate A15.
Current activity: Waiting for a flight to Berlin.
Current mood: Tired, but content.

I went ice climbing today, out on the Sólheimajökull glacier. It’s like rock climbing, but with ice instead of rocks, ice picks instead of hands, and pointy foot daggers instead of feet. Just a few minor differences.

One thing I like about Reykjavik is that it’s small enough that one can leave their apartment at 2:57am, and arrive at the airport shuttle bus stop by 3:00am, no matter where it is in the city (depending on your stance towards running).

“Humans of Smoky Bay”

Day 17: Reykjavik

A quiet day of city exploration.

Went on a walking tour guided by a local called Þórhallur Þórhallsson (but we can call him Thor), met a well-travelled German by the name of Stefan, chatted with an English couple Nigel and Jeanette over some Icelandic beers, and was given in-depth travel suggestions for Copenhagen and Berlin by a bartender whose name eludes me.

The people you meet.

“A Tour of Ice and Fire”

Day 16: Iceland

Before the sun had even risen, I was on the bus for the Golden Circle tour.

Note that the sun doesn’t rise until 11am around here; in any case I was on the bus by 9.

The day was a journey through Icelandic geographies – a national park, ice covered land, waterfalls, geysers, a volcano and a geothermal hot spring.

One thing I’m not sure of is whether Windsor Smith designs their boots with the Icelandic countryside in mind. We shall soon find out.

“Leifur Eiriksson Day”

Day 15: Reykjavik

Just as Leif Erikson Day commerates his leading the Europeans to continental North America, today marks my first step onto Icelandic soil (some of which was actually snow).

It was warmer in Iceland when I arrived than London from which I departed. Which is to say, not cold enough to prevent a late night walk of the city’s sights.