Quarterly report

The Easter long weekend has passed, as has the first quarter of the year. It seems a good time to pause and reflect on goals, self-development, and where we go from here.

Fencing: still going strong, four weeks into a five week introductory course. I’d prided myself on my “undefeated record” for the first three weeks of classes. Unfortunately I could only delude myself so long, following the fourth week using real equipment and real scoring devices, in which I lost every bout. No matter, this is just another opportunity for growth (quite a large amount, mirroring the margins by which I consecutively lost). The plan is to “continue fencing” after the conclusion of this course, though the term “plan” is used quite loosely.

Marathon: I’m definitely aware that there’s a schedule to follow. Whether it’s a schedule I abide by is another question – to which the answer is an emphatic no. In coming weeks, this is one thing which will require vigilance, lest I become stranded halfway down the Great Ocean Road during a 42km run. I bought some trendy (read: geeky) running sunglasses and visor, so at least I’ll look the part.

Music production: unlike marathon training, this self-development project has yet to have a schedule assigned it. In my current life setup, this more-or-less means that I’ve spent more-or-less no time on it (less, not more).

Piano: progress is slow but steady, managing some scheduled practice most week nights. Next up (to spare myself and my family from indefinite repetition of the same few scales and same three pieces) is my piano exam, coming some time in June.

Audiobooks: having worked through Seneca’s Moral Epistles, we move from 1st century (AD) stoicism in Rome to 5th century (BC) taoism in China, with a reading of Laozi’s Tao Te Ching. Very insightful, though it is a work which requires definite effort from the reader to gain full value from. It’s something for which I would like to spend the effort.

Gym: does writing this make me seem like the kind of person who spends all their time at the gym? In any case, I recently started reading a workout book by Arnold Schwarzenegger, which I received as a half-joke half-serious Christmas present a few years ago. As it turns out, Arnie is quite the knowledgable person on things fitness, though it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. He details a few workout plans, one of which I’ve begun today (spoiler: it’s tiring).

Meditation: keeping at it. To the extent that I’ve been (mostly) consistently taking my daily 10 minutes of meditation, it has been a good habit. There are extensions which can be made to the mindfulness practice, such as longer meditation sessions, mindful walking, and a whole host of others which I have yet to discover or implement.

Blogging: this is my second ‘fortnightly-instead-of-weekly’ post, but I’ll take my victories where I can get them. I’m still here, after all (and after all these weeks), so for now at least I’m still moving forward.

I recently obtained a day/week-planner diary, which I am in awe of how useful it seems and the (in)finite possibilities presented within. One such possibility is in utilising the hour-by-hour layout for weekdays, allowing one to put aside time for whatever they choose. For me, perhaps scheduling in time to write for this blog would be a wise decision. I’ve much to write (and much more to write in this post), now just need to find the time to write it. This, of course, is true for all my endeavours. My next endeavour, however, is to sleep (having once again left the task of writing a blog post until the 11th hour).

Talk to you soon.

Author’s note: I’ve had another post on-the-go for two weeks now, yet have not quite put together the time to string it together. It’s my first “try-hard kind-of real blog” post. Maybe I’ll even add images.

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