“Fly on, little wing”

Day 27: Doha

Status: waiting to board my connecting flight home.

This has been a great trip. Met some people, saw some things, caught up with old friends and made new ones. There’s a lot waiting for me back home, but there’s also a lot waiting out in the rest of the world.

Here’s a few things I’ve learnt:
– ‎Paris is overrated
– ‎Iceland is worth the price
– ‎Fika is all it’s cracked up to be
– ‎You can never take too many photos? (you be the judge of that)
– ‎It’s good to take the time and watch ducks by the lake
– ‎It’s good to have friends

Real talk: Even though I’ve been half a world away from home and most people I know, I’ve never felt more connected to the people I care about. Thanks for all the messages, the comments, the chance meetings across the globe, and for sharing in this experience.

See you soon.

“Fika? Fika”

Day 26: Stockholm

Today, I became a Swedish citizen. I took the ferry across islands, ate meatballs, went to IKEA, and had fika (I can only assume this grants citizenship, which is great for next time I’m here but sadly means I am no longer eligible to sit as an Australian parliamentition).

Today is also momentous in that it’s the final day of the trip. We’ve all come a long way together, eh?

“Blades of Glory”

Day 25: Stockholm

It turns out that yesterday I walked 40 minutes through what was a snowstorm to get to my lodgings. And here I was thinking that was just what the locals do every day.

Continuing my long-standing tradition of going ice-skating on holidays (shoutouts to the skating rink by Osaka Station), I donned my best skating shoes and took to the ice. And only fell over once!

Also took two tours through the city, so you might say I’m almost a local around these parts. You won’t, though, because I haven’t even had fika yet.

“A Portrait of the Artist as a Snow Angel”

Day 24: Stockholm

I’ve always thought snow was something that happened to other people. Like in fairy tales. Or Canada.

But today, I fulfilled the winter wonderland fantasy I never knew I had. This included snowballs, several hours walking through snow (both in the sky and on the ground), endless seas of white (blurring the boundaries between footpath and road), and a snow angel.

All-in-all, Stockholm seems pretty nice this time of year.


“Winter (First Snow)”

Day 23: Malmö / Copenhagen

It’s snowing!

I awoke today on a ferry, wandered Malmö (and found a windmill), explored Copenhagen (well utilising the 6 or so hours I have in Denmark this trip), then arrived back at my Airbnb for tea, conversation, and Polish schnapps with my 74 year old Danish host Gustav.

Scandinavia is a very nice place. Also, it’s snowing!

It started snowing when I got back to Malmö from Copenhagen, and I danced in the snow all the way home. Snow is exciting.

I had other things to say, but instead I just wrote about the snow. If you would like further information, please contact me once I am out of the snow.


Figure B: A very unrepresentative depiction of Copenhagen/Neo Tokyo.

“Etymological Home of the Hamburger”

Day 22: Hamburg / Lübeck / Travemünde

Transit diary: walking, waiting, freezing, bus, train, metro, train, walking, running, sitting, bus, bus… ferry.

Got to briefly visit a few northern Germany towns, at least.

– Hamburg is very port-towny, with far fewer hamburgers than one would expect.
– ‎Lübeck is kind of quaint, with towers that almost look Disney.
– ‎Travemünde is a sleepy little town, with nothing happening on a Sunday night and it doesn’t have taxis and instead makes people run around trying to find the nearest bus station and wait in the cold while sitting next to outdated unoccupied train stations when all they want is just to get to the ferry terminal on time for check-in but there’s no walking route so bus is the only option not that I usually use taxis anyway I just really didn’t want to miss the ferry okay.

“Checkpoint Charlie”

Day 21: Berlin

Very diverse place, Berlin. One street, there’s a wide selection of Turkish shops and schawarma, the next, the quiet sounds of gentrification and cafes (which, compared to Melbourne, still have a way to go). Around the corner, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stumbled into a German village (thanks to Luis for the walkabout).

One can tell this photo is of the American Sector, because there is a McDonald’s.

“West Side Story”

Day 20: Berlin

My walking tour guide today was a former history teacher from London. He very much sounded like one. We were asked to “think about what this monument means”, and were told a lot about “symbolism”. 2nd or 3rd best walking tour of the trip.

Also went to a Tajikistani tea place. Would recommend.

I don’t know much German, but I think pictured is the Berlin Concert House.

“Hello, Goodbye”

Day 19: Berlin

After an early flight from Iceland, I’m once again in Germany. Which means, one more meeting with my erstwhile travelling partners, Kristian and Lara. I’ve one more week to go, while their travel concludes here in Berlin.

Thanks for joining me on this trip across the continent so far. Happy Birthday Kristian!

(shoutouts to OK Google for taking this photo)